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  • Take the neck, back and arm strain out of breast and bottle feeding

  • Great as a pregnancy support sleeping pillow, travel or kids snuggle pillow

  • see The Milkbar® Story for more about The Milkbar®


Single & Twin Milkbars Available

Additional Milkbar Covers Available

Fully Washable


We would like to thank Livinia Nixon of Hey Hey it's Saturday for picking our Milkbar Nursing Pillow to bring in as her "Who owns this?" item. Daryl did a very cute gag about the boomerang shape of the Milkbar and Livina almost successfully tricked the contestant that it wasn’t her item, saying it made a great travel pillow as well as a nursing pillow. But with some help from the audience he guested it was Livinia's.


"What a great product! It's certainly getting a workout at our place."
Amanda Keller, Sydney TV and Radio Presenter, Mother of Two

"The design is perfect" Joan Howland - Midwife

"...a fantastic baby essential" Jacqueline Simpson - Mother of One

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last modified: 11 June 2010
content by: Kylie Robinson